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Little Barda
30 December
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In 52 Week 21 Powerboy and Little Barda make their first on panel appearance as teenage superheroes in the DC Universe. Little Barda is a former member of the Teen Titans, Teen Titans East, and a member of the highly advanced alien race known as the New Gods. She's basically a teen version of Big Barda, and it is heavily implied in the Tiny Titans series that she is the daughter of Big Barda and Scott Free.

Just as Powerboy is the only male teenage New God to ever be a Teen Titan or Tiny Titan. Little Barda is the only female New God to ever be a member of the Teen Titans or Tiny Titans. And she and her best friend Powerboy are the first teen New Gods to ever be superheroes on New Earth aka Earth-0.

In a nutshell Powerboy, Little Barda, Father Box, and Kirby the friendly pug dog are very much a family that strives to always do the right thing. And most of all try to help make the world a better place.


Real Name: Barda (note last name unknown.)
Alias: Little Barda
Identity: Secret
Alignment: Good

Affiliations: New Gods, Powerboy, Teen Titans, Teen Titans East, Tiny Titans

Relatives: Unknown, but believed to be related to the following:
Big Barda (mother), Scott Free (Mister Miracle; father), Big Breeda (deceased; maternal grandmother), Darkseid (adoptive grandfather via Scott Free), Avia (deceased wife of Highfather; paternal grandmother), Highfather (Izaya the Inheritor, paternal grandfather), Powerboy (brother/best friend).

Universe: formerly The Fourth World; New Earth aka Earth-0; Earth-51

Base Of Operations: formerly Apokolips; Titans Tower, San Francisco; Titans Liberty Island, New Jersey.


Gender: Female

Height: 6' 6"

Weight: Unknown

Cup Size: 36EE

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

Unusual Features: Over six feet tall.

Citizenship: New Gods
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Adventure, Superhero, Warrior


Little Barda was a native of Apokolips with an as yet unknown relationship to Big Barda. The teenage Little Barda was given a similar costume and enhanced powers like Big Barda by Darkseid. Darkseid wanted her to replace the older Barda as one of his elite Female Furies. However, after a childhood of neglect and abuse, with the help of Powerboy she escaped from the hellish world. They used Powerboy's Father Box to come to the Earth-0 Universe aka New Earth. They had hopes of being teenage superheroes. To that end, both her and Powerboy tried to gain experience by becoming members of the Teen Titans after Infinite Crisis. They were members of the Teen Titans during the year Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman was missing. They were the first and only teen New Gods to ever be members of the Teen Titans. Yet they left the team after a short time, feeling that they were not getting the support or love that they needed.(52 Week 21)

Place of Birth: Apokolips

Creators: the awesome Geoff Johns and Tony Daniels

First appearance: 52 Week 21 (September 27, 2006)
Last appearance: Titans #1 (June 2008). After a deadly ambush in Teen Titans East Special #1 (January 2008) by Raven's evil demonic half-brothers, the Sons of Trigon. Or more likely due to an off-panel attack by the very powerful Infinity-Man, her best friend Powerboy was found brutally murdered, being impaled through the chest by a large tree branch. While she was shown being left in critical condition. However, due to being a New God, as a result of the Death of the New Gods event that left all New Gods save for Darkseid dead. She is assumed to have been killed off-panel by the New God Killer - Infinity-Man. And as shown in Final Crisis #7, it is believed that her and Powerboy was reborn along with all other New Gods in the Earth-51 Universe. Likewise, a baby version of the character called Lil' Barda continues to appear in the Johnny DC series Tiny Titans.

Accomplishments: Powerboy and Little Barda was the first new New Gods created after Infinite Crisis; Powerboy and Little Barda survived a childhood of abuse, neglect, and torture on Apokolips; Powerboy and Little Barda escaped from Apokolips; Powerboy and Little Barda are the first male and female teen New Gods to be Superheroes on Earth-0 (52 Week 21); Powerboy and Little Barda are the first and only New Gods to be members of the Teen Titans, Teen Titans East, and Tiny Titans (52 Week 21, Teen Titans East Special #1, and Tiny Titans #6.)



* New God Physiology: The beings of Apokolips call themselves New Gods and lived outside of normal time and space in a realm called The Fourth World. These New Gods evolved due to their close proximity to The Source, a primeval energy, believed to be the ultimate foundation of the Universal Expression of Energy aka God. Along with their superior advanced alien technology they evolved into beings of genetic stability and evolutionary perfection. New Gods are immortal, stronger, faster, and far more intelligent than homo sapiens, despite their resemblance to the same.

* Super Strength: Like Big Barda, Little Barda's super strength comes from her heritage as a New God of Apokolips, where all of the New Gods of that realm are genetically superior to normal humans in their physical characteristics. She was also augmented by Darkseid to further increase her strength and stamina. Little Barda's strength can easily surpass 100 tons.

* Super Reflexes: She can respond to attacks at enhanced speeds, enabling her to dodge bullets, ect.

* Super Stamina: Due to extensive rigors of her life on Apokolips, Little Barda is able to manage her stamina on a certain amount of rest and sustenance so that it seems she is able to constantly function. Tied directly to her strength and invulnerability, even her immunity to a certain extent, Little Barda can function at peak efficiency for almost 48 hours before needing to eat and rest off the stress.

* Immortality: Like most other New Gods, the teenage Little Barda is functionally immortal, although she will not cease aging physically until she gets around the age of 30. Unless she falls in battle, Little Barda is immune to the ravages of time, and could easily live for thousands and thousands of years.

* Invulnerability: Even without her armor, Little Barda is hard to hurt. She is resistant to blunt trauma like punches, kicks, and blows from weapons like bats and maces, though not totally immune; unless the blows are dealt by a being with similar or greater strength than Little Barda, there isn't a chance of injury. However, her invulnerability does not extend to bullets, laser-blasts, or other piercing/slicing weapons. Thus her invulnerability is more akin to that of an Amazon, rather than a Kryptonian.


* Master Warrior
* New God Inventive


* Youth
* Prejudice towards New Gods from Apokolips.
* Lack of Connections.
* Lack of friends and family.
* Radion: New Gods are vulnerable to a substance called Radion. Its source is unknown and is toxic only in sustained amounts or after explosive exposure. The average New God can be slain by an application of Radion from a Radion Blaster, bomb, or bullet. More advanced beings such as Big Barda, protected by their Mother Box, armor and sheer toughness, have been known to take two hits and survive.


* Apokoliptian Armor: armor that augments Little Barda's strength. It is bullet proof and fire proof, thus making her even more invulnerable to physical damage. It can be stored in a pocket dimension.


Like Big Barda, Little Barda has her own Mega Rod for flight and teleportation. She also has access to Powerboy's Father Box or a duplicate copy thereof, allowing her to teleport anywhere in the Universe, and open Boom Tubes/Hush Tubes for dimensional travel.


* Mega Rod. The Mega Rod is a Weapon that is used by Big Barda and Little Barda. It has been shown to have many applications. So far, Barda has used it as a hand to hand weapon, to fly, to fire energy blasts, and as a means of transportation. The Mega-Rod is capable of projecting a wide-arcing blast of concussive force powerful enough to tear through the hull of a heavily armored ship.

The functional components of the Mega-Rod utilize the same technology used in the construction of Apokoliptian Boom Tubes. As such, it is possible to reverse-engineer a Mega-Rod's internal mechanism and use them to create a trans warp drive.


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